Monday, August 18, 2014

Parsing Data in Google Sheets

I figured I would give a rundown how I parse data on Google Sheets (which can be translated to use in Microsoft Excel).

To start, I import data from an external site; it has to be in a table or .csv format. In this example, I'm importing from ESPN's schedule for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Projected ACC Standings

I've finished simulating every ACC team's season, and can now project the conference standings from those results.

Projected bowl teams: 10

1. Florida State   11-1 (7-1)
2. Clemson         8-4  (6-2)
3. Louisville      8-4  (5-3)
4. Boston College  6-6  (3-5)
5. Syracuse        5-7  (3-5)
6. NC State        6-6  (3-5)
7. Wake Forest     5-7  (2-6)

1. Virginia Tech   8-4  (5-3)
2. Duke            7-5  (4-4)
3. North Carolina  7-5  (4-4)
4. Georgia Tech    7-5  (4-4)
5. Pitt            7-5  (4-4)
6. Miami (FL)      7-5  (4-4)
7. Virginia        4-8  (2-6)

Note: Notre Dame is not considered part of the ACC

Friday, August 1, 2014

Bonus (Alternative) UNC Season Predictions

The following was penned by "Stan Hooper"

ACC media days this week. (Quick immediate analogy. SEC media days are the trailer park meth. It'll have you up for days straight trying to figure out the madness going on there. It is the real college football stuff for real college football people. ACC media days is the methadone. Its the cheap imitation knockoff. It leaves the user in a zombie like state, however you appetite for meth is temporarily curbed until the next relapse and subsequent binge. ACC football turns you into a zombie, SEC makes you an addict because it is real.)​ Nothing interesting happened. But one thing did happen. UNC got picked fourth in the ACC coastal. 4th! 4th! Not 4th in the ACC, 4th in the Coastal. Behind Miami, behind VT, behind d00k. Gutless. Spineless. Brainless. They know not of what will happen this season. What kind of crackpots are voting in the ACC media poll?

Never mind what these bozos pick. 15-1 is what will happen. Before you try to go counting number of games and such, here is in great detail what will happen this year.

Simulating UNC's Season

I (once again) adapted my Monte Carlo simulator, this time to simulate the entire regular season of any given Division 1 FBS college football team. Its input was my roster-adjusted MDS preseason NCAAF rankings, and each season was simulated 10,000 times. Naturally, I've only done it so far for North Carolina.

An alternative, more optimistic preview can be found here.

North Carolina (Rank: #36)
Average record:      6.80-5.20 (4.27-3.73 in conference)
Most likely record:  7-5 (4-4)

Chance of making a bowl game (6-6 or better):  79.31%
Chance of going undefeated (12-0):             0.05%