Saturday, August 7, 2021

Cost Benefit of SodaStream Over Canned Sparkling Water

Note: This is NOT paid content for SodaStream... or Spindrift... or Sparkling Ice...

First we determined Lime is the best Spindrift flavor. Then we determined Black Cherry is the best Sparkling Ice flavor.

Now I'm going to illustrate why you should purchase none of these things, and get a SodaStream instead.

At the request of avid sparking water drinkers, I've been tasked with comparing the variable per unit cost of a drink from a SodaStream machine, vs purchasing canned sparkling water in bulk. So I tracked every one of my uses of a brand new SodaStream CO2 canister, until it went flat.

I tracked the number of drinks made, not the number of drinks actually consumed; just like if a can is opened and not finished, that can is still used.

Over 4 months, I got 63 uses out of 1 CO2 canister, which yielded 162 drinks. I can buy each replacement canister for $15 each. Since we're only considering the marginal variable cost, I'm treating the initial SodaStream cost as a fixed sunk cost.

If you want any flavor, we also have to consider something like Bubly drops (~3 bottles of drops would last an entire CO2 canister, which adds $15.33). Or, super bourgeoise, a fresh lime for each use - with a median of 3 drinks per SodaStream use, that's 54 limes at $0.50 each = +$27.

Our alternatives range from Costco brand sparkling water (Kirkland), LaCroix, Sparkling Ice, to Spindrift.

All fall to the SodaStream! Even when using fresh produce each time:

SodaStream w/ Drops$30.32$0.19
SodaStream w/ Limes$41.99$0.26
Sparkling Ice$9.98$0.83

Some more descriptive statistics:

Avg PumpsAvg DrinksPumpPerDrinkUses# Drinks