Sunday, February 9, 2020

NBA (Reported) Player Heights Did Significantly Change This Offseason

This information may be past the zeitgeist, but at the beginning of this season the NBA cracked down on incorrect roster information, including players' heights to ensure “the integrity of information” (see: gambling!; although my favorite player on my favorite team had something to do with it when Buddy Hield announced his age had been off by a year for his entire professional career). 

53 players' heights changed, which isn't an insignificant amount - it represents about 11% of the number of rostered players. While it's possible some of players legitimately grew (Giannis famously grew 2 inches since he was drafted), most teams/players were simply fudging their heights.

Of these 53 changes, 46 of them were negative (87%), i.e. the player's height decreased. Of these declines, the max was Hayward Highsmith dropping 3 inches, although the most common reduction was 1 inch (29 players, or 63% of the height drops).

Of the 7 players to "grow" (13%), one notable increase was Kevin Durant, who some speculated might go up 2 to 3 inches - according to the Brooklyn Nets, he only increased by 1 inch (no player's height went up by more than an inch).

3 players (6%) had their height cross a foot threshold, i.e. falling from 7'0" to 6'11": Joel Embiid, JJ Barea, and Carsen Edwards.

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